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September 13, 2000     Hells Canyon Journal
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September 13, 2000

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Page 9 Hells Canyon Journal September 13, 2000 Pepper Nye: Junkyard Junkies, 1 st Seniors Arlene Thomas: Ageratum, 2n ; Asters, single, 1"; Asters double, 1"; Calendulas, 1"; Cosmos, single, 1"; Marigolds, Nicoti- ann, l't; Petunia, double, 1 "; Pe- tunia, single, 2n ; Petunia, mini, l't; Snapdragons, 1"; Verbena, 2nd; Daisy, gloriosa, 2nd; Gladi- ola, mini, 1"; Golden Glow, 1"; Phlox, l't; Pansy, average, Other Perennials, blue to purple, 1"; Dry Flowers, l't; Junkyard Junkies, 1 Leone Haight: Marigolds, 1"; Other Annuals, red to pink, 1"; Chrysanthemum, 1"; Feverfew, 1"; Gladiola, average, 1 "; Dahlia, mini, l't; Pinks, l't; Pansy, aver- age, 12'; Pansy, viola, Rose, mini, 2 FIo Dixon: Asters, single, 2nd; Asters, double, 1"; Marigolds, Sunflowers, 1"; Gladiola, col- lection, Rose, tea, solid, Sugar Cookies, 1"; Cookies, other, 2 Katie Sciarrino: Fruit Bread, 1" Morgan Gover: Zucchini Bread, 1"; Raised Doughnuts, 1"; Apple Pie, l't Held, Young: Non-yeast Bread, other, t"; Apple Pie, 2nd Ginger Williams: Muffins, other, Chocolate Chip Cookies, 1" Amanda McLean: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Drop Cook- ies, Cookies, other, 1" Holley Gover: Peach Pie, 1" Bobble Weir: Pie, other, 1" Libby Thomas: Brown eggs, 1" Adults Dixie Taylor: White Bread, 1st; Whole Wheat Bread, 2d; Choco- late Cake, l't; Apple Pie, 1'* Deborah Mader: White Bread, Oatmeal Bread, 3'd; Sour- dough Bread, Cornbread, 3'd; Ginger Cookies, Cook- ies, other, 2 Irene Mead: Whole Wl eat Bread, 1"; Bread, other, 1"; Gin- Other Perennial, red to pink, l't ' gerbread, l't; Zucchini Bread, MarcellaTaylor:Cosmos, single, l't; Fruit and Nut Bread, 2nd; Baker County Sheriff's Posse members show that horses are still the preferred means of posse transportation. ls'; Brownies, l't; Drop Cookies, l't; Oatmeal Cookies, l't; Peanut Butter Cookies, Refrigerator Cookies, l't; Sugar Cookies, l't; Decorated Cookies, 1st; Cookies, other, 1"; Divinity, 1't 2d Bread Other, 1"; Sweet rolls, l't; Belh Rowan: Choco ate Chip Cook- Norm Koopman: Marigolds, 1"; Yeastrolls, l 't; Applesauce Cake, ies, 1"; Drop Cookies, Oatmeal Cookies, Peanut Butter Cookies, Sugar Cookies, 2 Ruth McGinness: Chocolate Chip Cookies, 2 Belle Johnson:Oalrneal Coo es, 2 Food Preservation Dahlia 4-8", 2n ; Dahlia, cactus, 12'; Dahlia, pompom, 1'1; Glad,- Din, average, Hanging Bas- ket, 1"; Dahlia, over 8", 2 Belle Johnson: Petunia, single, l't; Sweet Peas, 1"; Other Annu- als, red to pink, Daisy, gall- l't; Pecan Pie, 2 Kay Young: Whole Wheat Bread, 3 Kathy Cloud: Sourdough Bread, l't; Gingerbread, 2 Joy Cole: Sourdough Bread, 2'J; Cookies, bar, 2a; Pie, other, l't Sweet Pickles, chunk, Other Sweet Pickles, l st; Sour Pickles, chips, 3rd; Dill Pickles, Other Sour Pickles, Catsup, 2nd; Chow Chow, Cucumber Relish, Other Relish, 3 Deborah Madec Dried Apricots, 1st; Dried Pears, Dried Herbs, 2n ; Dried Peaches, 2nd Janet Chetwood: Canned Cher- ries, Raspberry Jam, l't; Cherry Jelly, Berry Jelly, 1" Pepper Nye: Blackberry Jam, 1" Phylis Thomas: Canned Peaches Applesauce, Canned Debi Bell: Other Butters, 2"d; Huckleberry Jam, 3'd Joyce Aldnich: Blackberry Jam, 3'd; Plum Jam, Raspberry Jam, Strawberry Jam, l S'; Huckleberry Jam, 3 Pat Garrigus: Sweet Pickles, sliced, Sweet Pickles, whole, 1 1; Dill Pickles, Lue Holtz: Strawberry Jam, Huckleberry Jam, 2nd Mart}/Harriman: Freezer Jam, 3 Shannon Kondoskey: Other Jams, Guadalupe Farley. Berry Jelly, 3 lardia, Other Perennials, red Lisa Butler: Bread, other, 2n ; Beets, 1"; Canned Carrots, 1"; Kathy Cloud: Sweet Pickles, to pink, l't ,, Cornbread, Bread, other, Teens Nancy McCord Dahlia 4-8,1"; Peach Pie, 3 Sarah Young: Fruit Leather, 2o ; 3' ;Sauerkraut'Asparagus 3, ;Pickles,Raspberry3 Jam, whole,seniors1" Dahlia, under4,2 ; Dahlia, cac- Pepper Nye: Bread, other, 3 Dried Bananas, 2 JeanneDennis:HuckleberryJam, Marcella Taylor: Dried Apricots, tus, 2 HowardDriggers:Cornbread, l"; Libby Thomas: Canned 1.,;RaspberryJelly,3 ;OtherSour Dried Plums, 2d; Dried Le- nd rd st rd Ruth McGinnes: Rose, bi-color, Baking Powder Biscuits, 1" Peaches, 3'd; Applesauce, 1"; Pickles, 2 ; Salsa, 3 gumes, 1 ; Blackberry Jam, 3d 2 SingingDogt--arm:ZucchiniBread, Canned Beets, Canned Car- Wyona Edwards: Canned As- Beth Rowen: Dried Plums, 3 ; rots, l't; Sauerkraut, Rasp- paragus, 2d; Canned Green Canned Peaches, 3'd; Jeannie Tharp: Rose, tea, solid, 2nd; Peanut Butter Cookies, 3rd; berry Jam, 1"; Sweet Pickles, 1"; Rose, floribunda, 1" Cookies, other, l't beets, NP; Dill Pickles, NP; Sour Beans, Canned Corn, 1";Applesauce, 1";Apricot Jam,2 Jeanne Dennis: Fruit and Nut Canned Tomatoes, l't; Canned Jan McChesney: Blackberry Pickles, other, 3,d Vegetables, not classified, 2"d; Jam, l't; Blueberry Jam, 1"; Plum JuniorsFresh Foods .Bread,Pecan Pie, lsl; l"Savry Bagels, 1'I; Kourtney Duncan." Strawberry Sweet Pickles, chunk, 1"; Sour Jam, Raspberry Jam, 2n ; Jam, 2"d; Huckleberry Jam, 2d Pickles, chips, 2 Dill Pickles, Huckleberry Jam,Apricot Darion Greenwood:Fruit and nut Linda Bird: Baking Powder Bis- Adults muffins, Applesauce cake, cults, 2"d; Muffins, other, Colleen Gilmore: Dried Apples, l't; Asparagus Pickles, 2nd; Cu- Jam, 2 1"; Oatmeal cookies, 2ndCookies, bar, l't; Brownies, 2d; 2"d; Dried Tomatoes, 2n~; Dried cumber Relish, 1 Ruth McGinnes: Berry Jelly, Singing Dog Farm: Canned To- Salsa, 3 Amber Baffety: Chocolate cake, Chocolate Chip Cookies,Squash, l";Pepper, l't;SourPick- matoes, Peach Preserves, _ ..... Cookies, bar, 1" Drop Cookies, 1"; Peanut Butter les, chips, l't; Dill Pickles, 2 1"; Other Preserves, OtherI Co,e,r ge il_l Jessie Lawrence: Brownies, 1" Cookies, Refrigerator Cook- Irene Mead: Dried Apples, Jams, 1 ] eonl_in_~e ~ext_ wee~ cookies,A/esia Lawrence:ChocolatechiPl, ; Brown eggs, 1"; lOS,rated l'1;Cookies,SugarCkies'l''; Cookies,l"; Deco- Dried Pears, Dried Plums, Howard Driggers: Apple Butter, I l, lvestoe and Other colored eggs, Janetther'chetwood: DivinitY,Fruitl"Muffins, 1 2 ;gumes,Fruitl ";Loather'Dried Tomatoes, Dried Le-1 Plum Jelly, 2 Shane Juarez: Drop Cookies, Cheryl Thomas: Chiffon Cake, 1s' Dried Corn, Dried Beans, butterl' ; Oatmealcookies,COOkies,1 1"; Peanut Bonnie Myhill: Chocolate Cake, 2 green, 1 "; Dried Herbs, 1"; Jerky, rein,, MartyHarriman:OhocotateCake,3 2'; Other Dried Fds' 3'; PeP September Jesse Baxter. Cookies, other, 1" Betty Lovett: Cupcakes, other, 1"; per, Red Pepper, Dried Ill) II) Shelbi Thompson: Brown eggs, Apricot Pie, Candy, other, 2 Peaches, Sage, Canned UCF BUFJFFT- can Eat!all you Wyona Edwards: Chocolate Chip CannedAprictS'Berries, Canned2o,; Applesauce,Pears' featurin WholeRoast IPig Adrienne Fedora: Brown eggs, Cookies, 2 3 l't; Canned Tomatoes, Peach [ Live IVlusic Teens Donna Carter: Ginger Cookies, Preserves, 2 d; Strawberry Pre- Mitzi Williams: White bread, l't; 1"; Oatmeal Cookies, 1"; Pea- serves, 1"; Apricot Conserves, t 4"'BA R R E L L Chocolate Cake, nut Butter Cookies, 1";Caramel 2 ; Plum or Prune Conserves," SarahYoung:Sou dou hbread, Corn, 1" Prizes for DRESS l' ;Bread, other, l";C rnbread, Grace Gulick:OatmealCkies'2 l't;OitrusMarmalade' 1";Peach Baking Powder BiscuitS, Julie Stromer: Apple Pie, 2 Butter, Other Butters, and lots more fun! Blackberry Jam, 2'; Freezer [$ 5 Biscuits, Other, Fruit Muffins, Phyllis Thomas: Brown eggs, 1" Jam, 3'e; Huckleberry Jam, Tickets limited--Buy Now[ Seniors Muffins, other, Angel Berp/Jelly, Beet Pickles, Cake, 1"; Chocolate Cake, 1"; Marcella Taylor'. Whole Wheat Apricot Jam,Cherry Jelly, Brownies, 1st; Drop Cookies, 1"; Bread, 1"; Combread, 1" Seeet Pickles, sliced, l't; Richla.d 541-893--6122 Arlene Thomas." Cookies, bar,