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September 13, 2000     Hells Canyon Journal
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September 13, 2000

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Page 5 Hells Canyon Journal September 13, 2000 Guest Opinion What AI Gore by Sheldon Richman My fellow Americans-- well, not all of you. Especially not the powerful interests out there. You know who you are. I'm talking just to working families. My party used to call you folks "workingmen." But then feminism came along, so we don't do that anymore. Then we said "workingmen and working women." But the polls told us that we were losing elections because we seemed to be anti- family. So we New Democrats decided to change that per- ception. Hey, we want to win elections. So I'll talk about working families tonight. I'm not talking to you rich folks either---you who have all you need--all you people in the top 20 percent, like you couples with kids, making $80,000 a year. Don't expect any consideration from me. You're the enemy, hear? At any rate, I accept your nomination for president of the United States. This election is about com- peting visions of the future. Let me tell you mine. My vision is based on my deep understanding of America's working tamities. I've traveled this land from coast to coast and border to border, and I know the kind of people you are. You're help- less schlemiels (thanks, Joe) who won't get anywhere un- less I become president. This is a time of great prosperity, thanks to my eight years as your vice president. But de- spite these unprecedented times, you pathetic people can't even make ends meet. You can't manage your children's education or afford to send them to college or get health insurance or save enough to supplement the meager retirement benefits you might get from Social Security. I realize that your pitiful position is not totally the re- sult of your own incompe- tence. Arrayed against you is a legion of dark, powerful fbrces, including Big Oil (Oc- cidental Petroleum excepted), Big Tobacco, Big Pharmaceu- ticals, Big Gun Makers, and Big HMOs (I'll think of a few more belbre this campaign is over). Consider how these profiteers and price-gougers make your lives miserable. I know I wrote in "Earth in the Balance" that government should raise taxes on gaso- line so you will use less, but I didn't mean fbr the money to Really Said go to the oil companies! Be- sides, the companies will use it to expand supply, which will lower prices. I promise you that if I am entrusted with the presidency, I will never do that! (I wouldn't even know how to do it!) And those big drug compa- nies-how dare they victim- ize our senior citizens with higb pric~s and unconscio- nable p. orits! Only selfish, greedy businesmnen (but not businesswomen! ~mld risk millions of della, t-, aevelop lifesaving drugs and to com- ply with tons of unnecessary red tape and then attempt to recoup that money from sick people so that they may de- velop more drugs in the th- ture. Have they no shame? Make no mistake about it, a Qore administration will end that corruption forthwith. And did I mention that if elected president, I will find a cure for every disease from diabetes to cancer to AIDS? And speaking of health, let me assure you that in a Gore administration, you will not have to humble yourself be- fore HMO bureaucrats to get the medical care you need. No, in a Gore administration you'll have to humble your- self before government bu- reaucrats to get the medical care you need. And don't let my opponents tell you other- wise. I know there are those (my Republican opponent isn't one of them) who say that if the government would just "get offyour backs," repeal taxes, and let free markets work, you'd be able to realize your dreams. This is so wrong, my fellow Americans. As our cur- rent president (whose name escapes me) says, we can't trust you to spend your own money right. So I will accept no reduction in taxes that is not conditioned on your do- ing exactly what I believe is best tbr you. I ahme have the courage to reject the counsel of those who would say that you, my fellow Americans, have it within yourselves to realize your aspirations without my help. That's why I am running for president. I ask for your support. Gore bless you, and Gore bless America! 17ichman /;s' se- nlbr /b//oa~' a/ The Fu/tzre of F/'eedo/n Founc/a//ozz in Fczir/bx, Va. ad edtTor of lc/eas on L/ber/2 ,'1 (zt,~(~z~)z e,. ) Richland Library: Books and other Treasures by Sherrie Kvamme of lhe He~Is Canyon Journal In 1957, a room above the Hitchin' Post in Richland, Oregon, housed the Richland City Library and did so for the next fifteen years. Bonnadene (Nicolescu) Chapin was a member of the local PTA when the group was asked for volun- teers to help work on getting a city library established in Richland. Photo by Sherrie Kvamme Bonnadene and E'Jay Weber spent the next BONNADENE CHAPIN atthe Richland Branch Library. three years working on a committee in "People do not read like they used to, what company with Haines, Halfway and Hun- with videos and television, which is just tington, to create branches of the Baker too bad," she added. County Library for their respective com- Bonnadene is very much looking for- munities. "Behind the door" at Richland ward to the library computer being up- City Hall is where the library called home dated and connected to the new ADSL. It for the next five years. It since has been will allow her to order books from Baker located on Main Street in downtown County Library and have them delivered Rich]and. here, do research for the library patrons in A favorite time was Saturday mornings Richland, keep in touch with current events and the Children's Story Hour when the in the library system, catalog Richland's library was closed to the public and de- library more easily, and soon offer com- voted solely to children. Bonnadene shows puter use with Internet access to the citi- disappointment in the fact that there is no zens of Richland. longer a story hour. Lack of interest and When not working at the library or mak- less children in the school district led to the ing trips to Baker City, Bonnadene teaches end of Saturday morning stories, yet if dance and acrobatics in her dance studio approached to start one again, Bonnadene located in the lower level of her home. She would do so without hesitation, opened the studio in 1947 and has taught Current library hours are Monday ballroom dancing, tap dancing, ballet and through Wednesday from 12:30 to 4:00 acrobatics. "I would love to see kids enroll p.m. and Tuesday mornings from 8:00 a.m. in ballroom dancing," she says enthusias- until noon. Throughout the week, tically. "It's coming back, you know, and Bonnadene makes phone calls to different they would have such a good time!" With shut-ins to take requests for books, and a sparkle in her eyes she added,"Allen and alongwith other requests tbr books, maga- I just got back from Europe where we zincs, videos and newspapers, makes her spent two of the hours there ballroom weekly trip to the Baker County Library in dancing.., it was wonderful!" Baker City to bring back everything she Bonnadene started dancing when she can on her list. She has become thmiliar was six and professionally when she was withthereadinghabitsofherregularsand nine. She has danced ever since and will makes a point of collecting their special undoubtedly never stop. "Taking a break requests along with books she recognizes from reading or dancing or whatever one as something they "just might like." loves is not a good idea," Bonnadene shared Donated books, magazines and videos with me. "One must then spend that lost are generally processed through the of- time catching up to where they left off and rices of the Baker County Library in Baker they lose so much .... I really do believe that City, and made available to all of thechildren and adults should dance mo.'e branches. "We want to be sure to share our and read more." books with each other," says Bonnadene. There is sunshine in that backroom of Asked what she envisions tbr the future of the building that is home to the Richland alibraryin Richland shequicklyresponded, County Libraryin Richland, Oregon. That "A new building with lots of books and sunshine is Richland's librarian, and her everyone reading and enjoying them." name is Bonnadene. We' re For So whenever you call with a claims emergency, we'll make sure you talk to a real person who can give you real answers. Best of all, we're Linda Gorham 2000 CC Services, Inc, Covering Baker, Union