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September 9, 2015     Hells Canyon Journal
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September 9, 2015

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Page 4 Hells Canyon Journal September 9, 2015 New Major Party Dear Editor: The Independent Party of Oregon is now the third "ma- jor party" in Oregon. We want to offer voters more choices on their ballots. Anyone possibly interested in running for office as the candidate of the Independent Party needs to change his or her voter registration to "In- dependent Party" by Septem- ber 10. It takes about two minutes, here: http: / / /register. Or just search "Oregon voter reg- ister" online. Potential candidates need not decide whether to run until the primary election fil- ing deadline, March 8, 2016. But, thanks to the Democrats and Republicans, current law requires signing up for the Independent Party by Septem- ber 10, more than 8 months before the May 2016primary election. Dan Meek, Co:chairman of the Independent Party of Oregon Portland, Oregon website: Leading the Leaders To the Editor: Nothing really changes in America. !have many people who want to be my president, my leader, and as usual they follow along, wetting their fin- gers and holding it up to the political wind to see which way it is blowing so they can say the right things and get a bump in the polls. As usual they are way behind on the things that matter. I will offer an example or two. Nine years ago some old Viet Nam vets went down to the border and patrolled it with video cameras to document the southern in- vasion. They called them- selves the Minute Men. Lou Dobbs, on Lou Dobbs To- night, gave them exposure. At the time Dobbs was on CNN so of course the right wing didn't catch too much of, it since it was politically incorrect to turn off Fox and watch Lou. I tried to get a local chapter going. The lo- cal paper did an article on my efforts and I traveled around northeast Oregon putting up notices and held a meeting in Baker City. Nineteen people attended. It's a little hard getting people's attention when the beers cold, the women are hot, there's game in the hills and a game on TV. Forming a local chapter failed. I was going to go down to the bor- der and was on the internet finding out where I should go and who to hook up with when my grandson was born months premature at 2 pounds. He was at St. Luke's for a long time so my plans were altered. The Minute Men and Dobbs were suc- cessful in getting the inva- sion in front of the people and illegal aliens, excuse me, undocumented workers, be- came an issue. Dobbs pushed the idea of EVERIFY, the concept that if you hire some- body you could go on the internet and see if the name matched a social security number. Now a decade later some of my want to be "lead- ers" are mentioning it. The earth is heating up and disruptions of all kinds will be happening. If you are on the political right it is a natural cycle and if you are a lefty it is because of all of our pollution. Most likely the facts are that the earth is in a periodic warming cycle and dumping three and a half billion tons of crap in the air each year has an ef- fect and with the push to- ward globalization and the industrialization o f formally backward countries you can expect the carbon output to only increase. The right wing attitude is to ignore it be- cause it will cost a lot to reverse the trend and the left thinks that if you increase taxes on carbon output with higher gas taxes and such you can fix it. At the same time our population increases rap- idly because of immigration and the right likes the cheap labor and the left says that "we are a nation of immi- grants," "they are just good people trying to make a liv- ing." Meanwhile none of my "leaders "are smart enough to state the fact that each t ew living breathing human be- ing in the country is a source of carbon output. That each new immigrant will have chil- dren and they will output car- bon too. A good mathemati- cian should be able to calcu- late the increase in carbon that an insane immigration When you are sick or injured, you just want to feel better. That is why no matter where you live, work or play Saint Alphonsus Valley Medical Clinic is close by, offering extended hours so that you can get back to the things you love. At Saint Alphonsus, it is all about you. policy will have. Our popula- tion is projected to hit 450 million, up from the current 312 million by the turn of the next century, largely due to immigration, since native born Americans don't replace their population. The earth's population is 7 billion now, due to increase to 9 billion by 2050. Recycling a tin can or driving a smaller car isn't going to solve the problem. If things run true to from one of my want to be leaders will catch on to this by the 2024 election. Mexico sends us about 40 billion dollars a year in drugs and the kingpin drug dealer "El Chapo," a local folk hero seems to be so powerful that the Mexican government can't stop him from financing a mile long tunnel to escape from prison, multiple times. Over a hundred thousand people have died in the Mexi- can drug cartel war and mil- lions have died in this coun- try because of drugs, families have been destroyed, billions spent on prisons, drug rehab programs, law enforcement and welfare because of an in- creasing drug felon class. Osama Bin Laden got on our radar after the Twin Towers came down, G.W. Bush said he was "wanted dead or alive" and after some time our intel- ligence agencies found him and some navy seals made it happen. The question is, why hasn't El Chapo been put on a wanted dead or alive list? Pakistan's sovereignty didn't mean anything when going after our number one enemy so why do we worry about Mexican sovereignty for an enemy that has done a thou- sand times more damage than Bin Laden ?Again I think that some "leader"in the 2024 elec- tion will come up with this idea. CNN constantly harps on. America's high rate of gun deaths but fails to get at the facts. Drugs are big business in Mexico and on American streets. Mexico has the tough- est gun laws in the world and their death rate is astronomi- cal because of the cartel wars. Our street gangs are really nothing but subcontractors for it. It is politically incor- rect to mention that black on black crime because of it is the driving force behind the high homicide rates. Mexican gangs are .a major problem too. It is much easier to harp on a few crazies and a school shooting than it is to go into the inner cities and report from those combat zones. In the meantime we get a "Black Lives Matter'campaign with- out the truth that black lives don't seem to matter to blacks. There aren't enough brains or ambition in the media to in- vestigate what maybe globalism and shipping jobs to China might have do with no jobs and the alternate way of making a living by dealing drugs. And before i get the "racist" label I will mention that my fire team partner in Viet Nam was black as mid- night and he was assigned to me because I told the corporal to stop calling him a nigger. He left his brains lying in a ............................................................................................................................................................................. rice paddy. I was in Da Nang 3820 17th Street ~ Saint Alphonsus seeing a doctor about my ears BakerQty, OR 97814 ~UP'HedicalGroup from an explosion that saintalphonsus, org/bakercity ~~L~C-~c- ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. knocked me out. Survival Hells Canyon Journal 145 North Main St. P.O. Box 646 Halfway, OR 97834 Phone: 541-742-7900 Fax: 541-742-7933 email: Editor and Publisher - Steve Backstrom Staff: Julie Bishop, Linda Collier, Cindy Thayer, Anna Richardson, Hayley Sanders Correspondents: Linda Bergeron, John Garrigus, Sherrie Kvamme, Deb Lowe and Sybyl Smith guilt followed me for years. At least once a week we hear about another hacking that has stolen the identities and personal information of millions of Americans. I'm still waiting to hear one of my candidate "leaders" to speak out on a plan to go after them. CRUNCH Hells Canyon Journal (USPS 002-953)is published weekly by Hells Canyon Publishing, Inc. 145 North Main Street Halfway, Oregon. Annual subscriptions are $30.00 (Baker County) or $40.00 (other areas). Periodicals postage paid at Halfway, Oregon. Postmaster: Send address changes to Hells Canyon Journal, PO Box 646 Halfway, OR 97834-0646. Mbmber of the Oregon Ncwspapcr Publi,;hcrs Association There is only one chance to elect somebody with the brains and guts to lead this country. You have to lead the leaders. So when one of them comes to your town pander- ing ask them about some of these other issues. Who knows, there might be a television camera around and they might have talk about it. As the old saying goes, "if a rooster scratches through enough horse shit he is bound to find some oats." Steve Culley John Day, Oregon County Engages Feds with Coordination Process To the Editor: Baker County has now en- gaged in the coordination pro- cess which requires federal and state agencies to make every practicable effort to reach consistency with County policies and plans. Congratulations to Com- mission Chairman Bill Harvey for leading the move to engage in coordination; and to Commissioners Mark Bennett and Tim Kerns for their supporting votes. Congratulations and thanks to Chairman Harvey for a spotless job as emcee/ moderator at our recent Co- ordination Seminar in Baker City. Our faculty members appreciated his work, the par- ticipation of Commissioner Kerns in the Seminar pro- gram and the hospitality of Commissioner Bennett at the Board meeting. You citizens will hear op- position to coordination, but now the antagonists must at- tack the entire Board of County Commissioners. The Commissioners can respond for the past quarter century coordination has been proved the most successful conflict resolution process available to local government. Working coordination with Owyhee County, Idaho for over two decades, we never resorted to lawsuits to resolve serious conflicts. We resolved conflicts favorably to the County and citizens with BLM, the Corps, Fish and Wildlife, FEMA, Homeland Security, and the EPA. An endangered species and four "sensitive" or special atten- tion species reside in the County, but because of coor- dination, not one cow was diverted from water or for- age, and not one recreational course was removed. Tom Tidwell, Chief of the Forest Service, does not share the attack-mode rhetoric of coordination opponents. In a letter to me dated May 27, 2015, referring to Lassen County, California. [which rejected cooperating agency status for coordination] he said; '7 appreciate your con- tinued interest in maintain- ing a good relationship with the Forest Service... I com- mend the local county super- visors on their commitment to balance economic needs with environmental conser- ration and protection ... These relationships result in better communication of informa- tion that is essential to mak- ing sound, responsible land management decisions. " Bill Harvey, you should be very proud to lead in a way appreciated by the Chief of the Forests. We stand ready to help you. Fred Kelly Grant Boise, Idaho CHIU CHEESE Oregon Fossil ReVeals Last Non-human Primate Species in North America Recently discovered fossils at Oregon's John Day Fossil Beds National Monument reveal a new species that sci- entists believe was the last non-human primate in North America. The small, lemur-like ani- mal is believed to have crossed a land bridge at the Bering Strait about 29 million years ago, according to Dr. Joshua Samuels, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument chief of paleontology. "This new species shows little resemblance to other North American primates," said Samuels. "Where it came from and how it is related to other primates has long been a mystery." As reported in the AMERI- CAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL AN- THROPOLOGY, Ekgmowech- ashala zancanellai was a fruit-eating, lemur-like pri- mate that weighed less than five pounds. The discovered fossils are similar to primate fossils from Thailand .and Pakistan, suggesting this new species was a member of the lemur-like adapiform group. "Comparison of the new finds from Oregon to some recently discovered species from Asia has really helped us understand where this unusual animal came from," said Samuels. The new species was named for recently retired Bureau of Land Management archaeologist and Oregon paleontology program coor- dinator John Zancanella. For more than a decade, Zancanella worked coopera- tively with National Park Service staff to protect fossil sites throughout Oregon. While prospecting with National Park Service paleon- tologists in 1997, Zancanella found the first tooth of the new species. After more than a de- cade of diligent searching, Park Service staff found two addi- tional teeth at the exact same site in 2011. In 2015, Samuels found a jaw fragment that two of the teeth fit onto, confirm- ing these teeth are from the same individual. Primates appeared in North America about 55 mil- lion years ago and have a rich fossil record on this continent. The closed canopy forests these primates inhabited be- gan to dwindle, being re- placed by more open wood- land and savannah habitats as global climate conditions changed. Primate species de- clined and the last of them vanished from North America about 35 million years ago. Six million years later, the lemur-like species appeared in Oregon and the Great Plains, surviving until 25 million years before humans arrived on this continent. Oregon's John Day Basin contains one of the most com- plete and well-known fossil records on Earth, with nearly 50 million years of time pre- served. These fossil beds record the history of ancient ecosystems, changing cli- mate, and plant and animal evolution during the "Age of Mammals." For 150 years, paleontologists have been vis- iting the area to collect fos- sils and study geology. As a result of this research, the John Day Formation boasts an incredibly diverse fauna with over 100 recognized spe- cies of mammals, including sabertoothed nimravids, early dogs, three-toed horses, and giant "hell pigs." "Finds like this exciting new primate show that, even though the John Day Basin has been studied for more than a century, there are al- ways more discoveries to be made," said Shelley Hall, John Day Fossil Beds Na- tional Monument Superin- tendent. "These discoveries highlight the importance of protecting fossil sites like John Day Fossil Beds Na- tional Monument." The new study can be found online in the American Jour- nal of Physical Anthropology: doi/10.1002/ajpa.22769/ab- stract. Additional information about John Day Fossil Beds National Monument is avail- able online at: joda. AGENDA PINE EAGLE SCHOOL DISTRICT #61 SCHOOL BOARD MEETING September 14, 2015 AT 7:00 PM PINE EAGLE CHARTER SCHOOL LIBRARY 1. Call to Order & Patriotic Observance 2. Announce Tape Recording of Meeting 3. Introductions 4. *CONSENT AGENDA: A. Approval of Minutes B. Review Financial Report C. Employee Status Report- Confidential Employee Contract 5. WELCOME GUESTS: 15 minutes for community testimony 6. Correspondence 7. *Action Items A. Policy Update, Second Reading a. AC - Nondiscrimination b. AC-AR - Discrimination Complaint Procedure c. GDA - Instructional Assistants d. GBK/JFCG/KGC- Prohibited Use, Possession, Distribution or Sale of Tobacco Products and Inhalant Delivery Systems e. GCBDNGDBDA-AR(I) - Oregon Family Medical Leave (OFLA); AR(2)- Employee Request for OFLA Leave; AR(4) - OFLA Eligibility Notice to Employee f. JEA-AR - Compulsory Attendance Notices and Citations g. JECB - Admission of Nonresident Students h. JECB-AR(1) - Admission of Nonresident i. JECB-AR(4)- Request for Nonresident Student Admission - Interdistrict Transfer j. JEDA-Truancy B. Policy Update, First Reading a. JFCG/JFCH/JFCI-Use ofTobacco Products, AlcohoI, Drugs or Inhalant Delivery Systems (Required) b. JFCG-AR- Discipline for Use, Possession, Distribution or Sale of Tobacco Products or Inhalant Delivery Systems (Required) c. JG-Student Discipline (Required) d. JGD-Suspension (Required) e. JGE-Expulsion (Required) f. JHCDA-Prescription Medication (Required) g. JHCD/JHCDA-AR-Prescription/Nonprescription Medication (Required) h. IK-AR-Academic Achievement AR C. Resolution 16-1 - Increasing Appropriations for Maintenance Reserve Fund D. Resolution 16-2 - Approving Interfund Transfer E. Resolution 16-3-Abolishing Unnecessary Fund F. Consider Declaration of Surplus Equipment 8. Board Preliminary Discussion 9. Administrators Report A. Maintenance Supervisor's Report- Emergency Management Team update B. Principal's Report- Early look at 2015-2016 C. Business Managers Report- Transportation Report, Upcom- ing OSBA Fall Conference 10. Petitions and Requests 11. Suggestions for future agenda items 12. Adjournment * Board Action Next Board Meeting October 12, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.