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August 13, 2003     Hells Canyon Journal
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August 13, 2003

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Page 4 Hells Canyon Journal August 18, 2008 Guest 0oinion 'S Against the Nation for im- Constitution's ixgj peachment time. Moreover, the level of by Walter Williams "I" word. The case But is it a high crime"that Lincoln's immortal words in peachment is materially clause." the deception is staggering, warrants impeachment, as theGettysburgAddress,"that (Editor's note." the follow- strengthened, however, when Before the U.S. invasion,as indicated by Bush's 2003 was the case withWatergate? government of the people, by ing piece was originally pub- Iraq is combined with Bush's the strong consensus based proposal to eliminate taxes Republican operatives the people, for the people, lixhedintheSEATTLETIMESOn 2001 and 2003 propaganda on intelligence communityon taxable corporate divi- breaking into the Democratic shall not perish from the Friday, August 1 and is re- campaigns to convince theinformation held that there dends. Party's national committee Earth." printed here by permission of public that tax flers with were ordy negligible lraqi ties Joel Friedman and Robert headquarters and President Deeming presidential de- the author.) lower levels of income ben- with al-Qaida, no nuclearGreenstein of the Center on Nixon's coveringit up clearly ception a high crime under efted more from his tax cuts weapons program of any con- Budget and Policy Priorities constituted crimes. Bush's the impeachment clause can George W. Bush has know- than the nation's richest fatal- sequence, and limited chemi- pointed out: "The group with propaganda campaign to hide open a Pandora's box of prob- ingly deceived the American lies. cal and biological weapons incomes over $1 million -how much the tax cuts ben- lems. Yet, President Bush's people on the two overriding Hoodwinking the public programs at most. which consists of about efited the rich is more likely actions appear to be a far poliey issuesofhispresidency that Saddam posed a peril- Lacking hard facts, as evi- 226,000 tax fliers in 2003 - to be viewed by the public as more serious assault on the - the invasion of Iraq and the ous immediate danger to the deneed by his now much-dis- would receive roughly as the stuff of politics in which ConstitutionthanWatergate. deep tax cuts. United Statesis Bush's great- cussed deception in his State much in benefits as the 127 politicians make inflatedI hold that interpreting Other presidents have lied. est treachery. New York ofthe Union address that lraq million tax fllers with income claims about the importance Bush's pattern of deception Only Bush has repeatedly Times columnist Paul sought to buy uranium in below $140,000. Stated an- of a proposed policy and its on his most importantpoliey duped Congress and the pub- Krugman observed: "If that Africa, Bush mixed misinfor- other way, the top 0.2 per- likely benefits and ignore po- proposals as a high crime lie to thwart their exercise of claim was fraudulent, themation, distorted allegations cent of tax fliers would re- tential problems, against the nation is a neces- informed consent, selling of the war is arguably and unsubstantiated rumors ceive nearly as much fromIn actuality, the sary step in rescuing Ameri- He is the first president to the worst scandal in Ameri- to persuade the public of the the tax cut as the bottom 95 president's purposeful dup- can democracy. use propaganda as the main can history." imminent danger posed by percent of fliers combined." ing of the public on the Walter Williams is a pro- weapon in selling his poll- John Dean, counsel to theSaddam Hussein. Claiming that the 127 mil- nation's most critical policy lessor emeritus at the Evans cies. Bush's unprecedented president during Watergate, The experience with the lion tax fllerswithineomes of issues strikes at the heart of School of Public AITairs, Uni- pattern ofdeeeption may con- wrote inmid-June: "Manipu- massive tax euts for families under $140,000 are the big American constitutional de- versity of Washington, and stitute an impeachable of- lation or deliberate misuse of and individuals in both 2001 winners when 226,000 of the mocracywhenitrobs theelee- author of the forthcoming fense, national security intelligence and 2003 makes patently richest tax fliers benefit torate of informed consent. Todate, only the deception data, if proven, could be a clearhowBushusedthesame nearly as much is surely This fraudulent act makes a book, REAGANISM AND THE in Iraq has brought forth the 'high crime' under the unscrupulous tactics overworld-class policy deception, mockery of Abraham DEATH OF REPRESENTATIVE DE- MOCRACY. t ! by Pat Garrigus Can't Disappoint Grandma Carolyn On our most recent huck- ingbites and this elicits"Urn- Other than food, (that's a eberry trip, grandson Forest Num-Yum!" and "Up!" for astrong Garrigus gene) her ,went with us to scout for the closer inspection of your plate other demand is "Up, Book!" best berry patches, and he to be sure she's getting the And sometimes when she's found some good ones. Deb good stuff, too. And no one, sleepy she goes to her play- and I have taken America except her brother, on occa- pen and says"Up!" and takes 1Rose (Meri, now 14 months sion, can refuse such enthu- a nap. I seem to remember 01d) three times now, and it siasm, resistance to nap time but it's has been all quality time up Been taking a lot of teas- just a part of Happy Huckle- North Pine. Meri plays in her ing about being a motorcycle berry Meri's day. playpen, eats dry Cheerios babe... Carla'shusbandandAm I a happy grandma? and animal crackers and two of his pals tented for one Yes... but.The Mariner's watches the breeze in the night on my lawn, with their are stuttering and today they trees. She has yet to Harley's parked out front, start a series with the Yan- ery... just yells once in a They were on a ten-day lei- kees (my second-favorite :while to check on where we surely tour of Oregon. Deb team). Deb and Forest and :are. and I cooked up a fine meal, Meri are up at Fish Lake fish- On the first trip we picked and Meri entertained theming and berrying but the for about three hours before chasing her brother around schedule is to get home in Deb brought her up to the their tents.., and neverfuss- time to catch most of the Guest O0inion What Helps One Person Hurts Another of the least expensive power in To the Editor: the nation. This is appropri- It isjust possible that all of ate since the income level for the "goodies" which Baker the region is extremely low. County is demanding from Therefore, are the Baker Idaho Power Company will County Commissioners and cause an increase in the cost of Baker County taxpayers pre- electricity for the residents of pared to reimburse the Idaho Eastern Oregon who purchase Power consumers for their rate their power from IPCO. increase ? This company has allowed Mardelle Ebell its customers to enjoy the use Baker City, Oregon ase for trefighting Funding patch. She very delicately ing, except for her share of game. bill that would reduce the ked a huckiebe and :,/, i Haven't had time, betweem buildup of hazardous fuel in and the reaction was "Urn- sherbet, All three men are canning applesauce, making our forests to better protect :Yum!" So we picked a branch grandfathers hhW couldn't By U.S. Reps. Greg Walden ing the already inadequate tional fireflghting. and Peter DeFazio fuel reduction budget - to The need for more flght forest fires. Even ifCon- flreflghting money is not a Last fallwe made an effort gress fully reimbursed these partisan one. Senator Pete to come together to write a accounts, which it does not, Domici (R-ND), Chairman of fuel reduction projects get the Energy and Natural Re- delayed and pushed to thesources Committee recently next year when the accounts said, "(If) the real problem we zucchini relish, picking the with about I0 berries on it believe how good -natured she garden, berrying and admir- and she stripped it in no time, is. ing this baby to make fudge and a second one. The down- John had called me the day yet so the first taste of choco- side to this is that when we before he brought his family late is still to come. Really are cleaning the berries at over to tell me Meri had just think we should wait until home, she sits in her high taken five steps, carrying a Papa is around for this me- chair and wants a bowlful, book. (Of course.)! had kind mentousoccasion.AndifMeri Meri also expects a good sup- of fussed about the need for holds true to Garrigus, En- ply of branches to pick in her high-topped, stiff-soled shoes gland form, it's kind of daunt- playpen and that requires a (this is now considered old- ing to be the one to initiate a few trips down the hill. She fashioned, along with baby life-long chocolate addiction seems to smell them and gets powder and babylotion). Now - should we stick to huckle- very excited and vocal, we have quit counting her berries? If this angel girl has any steps but there are still lots of But Grandma Carolyn fault, it is that no matter how ups and downs and some- England, back in Madras, is well or recently fed, if she times she doesn't check what patientlywaitingto give Meri spots anyone else who is eat- might be in her path, includ- some chocolate... I can't dis- ing, is at your knee demand- ing Gus' old dog Trey. appoint her, can I? Advertisement For Bids City of Halfway P.O. Box 738 Halfway, Oregon 97834 The City of Halfway, Oregon, invites bids for the construction of the City of Halfway, Oregon, Wastewater System Improvements - 2003. Work includes construction of a single vertical turbine pump station, about 1,960 lineal feet of 6-inch PVC irrigation main line, 1,120 lineal feet of wheel line, and appurtenances. Sealed bids for the described project will be received by Diana Glynn, City Recorder, or her authorized representative, of the City of Halfway, at city Hall, P.O. Box 738, 155 B East Record Street, Halfway, Oregon, 97834, until 10 a.m. local time, September 4, 2003. Bids will be publicly opened and read aloud at the same location at 2 p.m. local time, September 4, 2003. Because the project is being paid for in part by federal funds, the Contractor will be subject to all federal and state requirements relating to the use of such funds (Davis-Bacon Wage Rates, EEO, etc.). This project is being funded through a grant from the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department, Oregon Community Development Block Grant Program. The time for substantial completion shall be ninety (90) calendar days. The Contract is subject to the applicable provisions of ORS 279.348 through ORS 279.380 and the Davis-Bacon Act (40USC276a). The Contract Documents may be examined at the following locations: City Hall, City of Halfway, Oregon Anderson-Perry & Associates, Inc., 1901 Fir Street, La Grande, Oregon Anderson-Perry & Associates, Inc., 214 E. Birch Street, Walla Walla, Washington Anderson-Perry & Associates, Inc., 2101 Main, Suite 207, Baker City, Oregon Associated General Contractors of America, Boise, Idaho Oregon Contractor Plan Center, Clackames, Oregon McGraw-Hill Construction/Dodge Plan Center, Portland, Oregon McGraw-Hill Construction/Dodge Plan Center, Boise, Idaho Construction Market Data, Portland, Oregon AGC, Spokane, Washington Tri-City Construction Council, Kennewick, Washington Daily Joumal of Commerce (Plan Center), Portland, Oregon Copies of the Contract Documents may be obtained at the office of Anderson-Perry & Associates, Inc., 1901 Fir Street, P.O. Box 1107, La Grande, Oregon, 97850, upon non-refundable payment of $75 for each set. The Contractor shall provide his mailing address, telephone, and fax numbers when plans are requested. Preparation of this document was funded in part with federal funds from the Oregon Community Development Block Grant Program. This document is not subject to state or federal copyright law. As such, any part of the document may be reprinted, copied, or duplicated without the permission of the State of Oregon or the grant recipient. Minority and women-owned businesses requesting plans should indicate they are a minority firm at the time they request plans so they may be listed on the Planholders' List as a minority. August 13th, 2003 Marvin Burgraff, Mayor A pro-bid conference will be held at 10 a.m. local time on August 21,2003, The pro-bid conference will be held at the City of Halfway Wastewater Treatment Plant, 332 East Record Street, Halfway, Oregon, 97834. Representatives of the Owner and Engineer will be present to discuss the project. Bidders are encouraged to attend and participate in the conference. homes and communities from are once again robbed. For are having is not thinning forest fires. We were close to the safety of our communi- the forest, it's because there agreement but the clock ran ties and the health of our for- isn't any money to do it. Why outonus.Congressadjourned ests, this cycle cannot con- isn't there any money? Very before our bill could be ap- tinue. Congress recently had shortly aRer the year begins, proved, an opportunity to reverse this we have to spend it to put out This year we offered two course, but the House of Rep- fires." separate bills that take dif- resentatives failed to act. Chairman of the Senate ferent approaches to reduc- By the time you read this, Appropriations Committee, ing fuel loads and improving the Forest Service will have Ted Stevens (R-AK) con- forest health. But despite our run out offireflghting money curred with Domenici, and disagreements we completely and begun borrowing from threatened to force the House agree that a long-term, well- other accounts. This doesn't back into session to approve funded effort is needed to meanthattheywiUstopfight- the flre flghting money. Much get the job done. Rectifying ing fires. But it does mean to our dismay, Chairman a century of forest misman- they will start spending the Stevens relented, and the agement, by Republicans fuel reduction budget on fire Senate adjourned without and Democrats alike, will fighting, not fuel reduction, approving more firefighting take a significant amount of We led a bi-partisan effort money as well. time and resources. Con- in the House to add the Congress simply needs to gress must approve substan- President's $269 million re- step up and adequately fund tial funding for fuel reduc- quest for emergency fire- firefighting and needs to ap- tion projects, fighting money to this year's prove legislation that in- Last year's fireflghting el'- supplemental spending bill. cludes that substantial fort cost the federal govern- This wouldn't meet the money for fuel reduction. We ment $1.6 billion. But Con- flreflghting needs for the cur- will continue to lead the ef- gresschrenicallyunder-funds rent year, but it would cer- fort to make sure this hap- flrefighting, forcing the For- tainly help. Unfortunately, pens. The safety of our west- est Service to borrow money that effort was rejected and ern communities and the from other accounts-includ- the House adjournedwithout health of our forest ecosys- approving a penny for addi- tems depend on it. PUBLIC NOTICE City of Halfway The City of Halfway has a leash law. Dogs must be kept on a leash, within a fence, on a chain, or in a kennel. All dogs must be licensed yearly. A valid rabies vaccination certificate must be presented to acquire a license. Licenses are obtained at Halfway City Hall and are due yeady on July 1st. City Hall is open Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. PUBLIC NOTICE City of Halfway The City of Halfway has a burn ordinance. Open burning requires a permit (free) from City Hall. City Hall is open Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Burn barrels or incinerators do not re- quire a permit, but must have screening of not greater than " mesh and be placed at least 10 feet from any building. Burning of any type is allowed only between the hours of 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. All burning, including smoldering, must cease at 10 a.m. Burning "wet" garbage, smelly, nauseous, or noxious materials is prohibited. Serving GRAY'S' WEST & CO. 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