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May 27, 1998     Hells Canyon Journal
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May 27, 1998

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Page 16 Helb Csnyon Journsl May JlT, 1N8 Washington's Mount Rainier-- Postcard Perfect or Deadly Threat? Most peaksin the Cascades gists regarding Mt. Rainier's ger hiding in Mt. Rainier and are considered dormant vol- history of mud flows, other Cascade peaks." canoes, makingthemathreat "I was surprised at the Each week, Oregon Field to nearby inhabitants. Oregon number of scientists who Guide brings Oregon Public Field Guide takes a look at studied this mountain andBroadcasting viewers valu- the most dangerous Cascade came to the same conclusion able information about out- volcano, Mt. Rainier, on - that an eruption or cata- door recreation, ecologicalis- Thursday, May 28, 8:30 p.m. strophic collapse is inevi- sues, natural resources and In this half-hour Oregon table," said Jim Newman. travel destinations. Oregon Field Guide special, reporter And viewers will be surprised Field Guide airs Thursday Jim Newman examines the to find that King and Pierce evenings at 8:30 p.m. and re- deadly potential of Mt. counties take this threat se- peats on Sunday evenings at Rainier and interviews emer- riously enough to do at least 6:30 p.m. gency planners preparing for preliminary disaster plan- Oregon Public Broadcast- a. catastrophic mud flow or ning. Newman talks to oneing, celebratingits75thyear, eruption, emergency planning director is a statewide network of com- As the experts show us, whowouldlikeanearlywarn- munity-supported learning this danger exists even if ingsystem to provide oppor- resources, including OPB there isn't an eruption. Mt. tunity for evacuation. Television, an affiliate of the Rainier could be dangerous "It's rare that we go out of Public Broadcasting Service even when dormant- a mam- state to produce a story for (PBS), and OPB Radio, an moth collapse of the huge Oregon Field Guide," saidaffiliate of National Public mountain's slopes could bury host Steve Amen. "But we Radio (NPR). OPB also is ac- towns many miles away. felt that viewers needed to cessible on-line at Newman interviews geolo- better understand the dan- Loan Defaulters Can Be Garnished Working defaulted student loan borrowers who don't make regular payments to the Oregon State Scholarship Commission could see a decrease in their paychecks. OSSC has received legislative approval to refer to Or- egon employment records for defaulted student loan bor- rowers who owe money to OSSC. Access to these records will help OSSC garnish a defaulted borrower's net wages. Access will also help the agency maintain better contact with borrowers, work with them on repayment plans, and determine what benefits may be available to them. OSSC is the state agency that guarantees (or insures) student loans under the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) for many Oregon students wishing to continue their education beyond high school. When a FFELP student loan borrower defaults (misses six pay- ments), OSSC purchases the loan(s) from the lender and collects the debt on behalf of the U.S. Department of Education. Defaulted borrowers who are not making regular pay- ments on their debt can avoid wage garnishment by con- tacting OSSC as soon as possible to negotiate a repayment plan. The garnishment policy affects only defaulted bor- rowers who owe money to OSSC. Borrowers with questions may contact OSSC by calling (541) 687-7366 or, outside Eugene]Springfield, (800-457- 0135, or write to the Oregon State Scholarship Commis- sion, ATTN: Collections Division, 1500 Valley River Drive, Suite 150, Eugene, OR 97401. I NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING A meating of the Richland City Council will be held on June 11,1998, at 7:OO p.m. at City Hall - 104 Walnut Street The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1998, as approved by the City of Richlar~ Budget Committee. A summary ~ the budget is presented below. A copy of the budget may be inspected or obtained at 104 Walnut Street, Richland, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. This budget was prepared on a basis of accounting that Is consistent with the basis of accounting used during the preceding year. Major changes, if any, and their effect on the budget are explained below. Baker County City of RIchland May 22, 1997 Chairperson, Dreyfus D. Graven, Mayor, 541-893-6642 FINANCIAL SUMMARY OF ALL FUNDS Adopted Approved Budget Budget 1997-@8 1998-99 AnUcWtad P quk mmm Total Personal Services $41,875.00 $40,285.00 Total Materials & Services 68,569.6861,482.00 Total Capital Outkw 159,069.41 40,635.00 Total Debt Service 10,038:OO9,650.00 Total Transfers 19,038.0023,150.00 Total Contingencies 9,329.91 11,797.00 Total Requirements 307,920.00 186,979.00 AnticipatlKI Relources Total Resources Except Property Taxes 302,039.00 180,400.00 Total Property Taxes Reqqired to Balance Budget 5,881 .OO6,579.00 Total Resources 307,920.00 186,979.00 Estimated Ad Vslorem Property Taxes Total Property Taxes Required to Balance Budget 5,881.00 6,579.00 Loss Due to Constitutional Limits 1,469.72 Discounts Allowed, Other Uncollected Amounts 639.19 572.00 Total Tax Levy 7,989.91 7,151 .OO Tax Levkm By Type Permanent Rate Limit Levy (rate limit 1.1635) 1.1635 1.1635 Levy V,/Rhkl the Tax Base 7,537.66 7,989.91 Total .7,537.687,989.91 STATEMENT OF INDEBTEDNESS Debt Outstanding As Summarized Below Estimated Debt Outstanding at Beginning of Budget Year July 1, 1998-99 Approved Budget Year Long-Term Debt Bonds $60,000.00 Total Indebtedness 60,00Q.00 FUNDS NOT REQUIRING A PROPERTY TAX TO BE LEVIED Actual DataAdopted Approved Last Year Budget Budget 1996-97 1997-98 1998-99 Water Uttliry Fund Total Personal Services $14,988.00 $15,990.00 $15,660.00 Total Materials and Services 11,552.00 25,685.0022,575.00 Total Capital Outlay 2,864.005,500.00 7,625.00 " Total Transfers 10,425.00 13,038.0012,650.00 Total Contingencies 2,697.00 2,000.00 Total Unappropriated Ending Fund Balance26,875.00 Tota~ Requirements 66,704.00 62,910.00 60,510,00 'Total Resources E~(cept Property Taxes 86i704.00.. 62~910.00:60~$IO.00 FUNDS NOTREQUIRING A PROPERTY TAX TO BE LEVIED Pay Phone Safety Actual Data Adopted Approved While Clark Kent never Last Year Budget Budget seems concerned about his 1996-97 1997-98 1998-99 privacy when he changes into ' Water Bond Debt Fund Total Debt Service 10,425.OO 10,038.00 9,650.OO Superman in a phone booth, Total Requirements 10,425.OO 10,038.00 9,650.00 the rest of us would do well to Total Resources 10,425.00 i0,038.00 9,650.00 guard ours. First of all, there Sewer Utility Fund Total Personal Services 8,609.OO 10,370.00 1,0,440.00 are few telephone "booths" Total Materials and Services 9,513.00 21,600.00 18,810.00anymore. Most are telephone Total Capital Outlay 7,040.OO11,760.00sites that offer no privacyat Total Transf~s 0.00 4,000.OO4,000.00 all. The public telephone has Total Contingencies 3,OO0.OO4,8OO.OO become a major scene for ToW ex FundB m 34,692.O0 .... crime. Last year, phone booth Total Requirements 54,714.OO 46,010.OO 49,810.OO Total Reeources Except Property Taxes 54,714.OO 46,010.0049,810.OOstalkers committed more State Tax Street Fund than 27,000 crimes including Total Personal Services 4,095.OO 7,180.00 5,OO5.OO murder, rape, kidnaping, car ToW Materials and Services 10,423.OO 11,200.OO9,700.OO theft and robbery. Law en- Total Capital Outlay 14,889.00 135,024~OO 1,OO0.00 Total Transfers 1,000.00 500.00 forcement officials say that ToNal Contingencies 1,846.OO 2,495.OO the best efense is vigilance. ZotalUr FundBalmoe 17,208.00 Don't turn your back on Total Requirements 46,615.OO 156,250.OO 19,600.OOyour surroundings. Always TotaJ Resources Except Property Taxes 48,615.OO 156,250.OO 19,600.00 face out from the phone and Oregon State Revenue Sharing Fund ToNal Materials and Services704.002,OOO.OO stay alert. Use only well-lit ToNal Capital Outlay 692.OO1,125.OO booths, andifpossible, choose ToNal Transfers 4,000.00booths that are inside a build- Total Unappropriated / Ending Fund Balance 2,084.OO ToNal Requirements 3,480.OO3,125.00 4,000.00ing. Don't put down your ToNal Resources 3,480.OO3,125.00 4,000.OOpurse or wallet beside a Building Reserve Fund phone. Hold onto your brief- TOtsl CapitalOutiay 9,100.OO 19,250.OO case, laptop computer and ToNal Requirements 9,100.OO 19,250.OO other belongings. If you are ToNal Resources 9,100.OO 19,250.OO driving, when you get out to FUNDS REQUIRING A PROPERTY TAX TO BE LEVIED make the call, make sure you Actual Data Adopted &oprovedlock the car. Never leave the Last Year Budget Budget 1996-97 1997-98 1998-99 car running. This i a great opportunity for a car thief. General Fund ToNal Personal Services $6,700.00 ToNal Materials and Services 6,657.00 Total Capital Outlay 26,385.OO Total Transfers Total Contingencies $8,335.00$8,280.OO 8,084.68 10,377.00 1,280.41 1 ,OO0.00 1,000.OO 2,000.00 1,786.91 2,502.00 0 0 20,487.0024,159.00 14,606.0017,580.00 5,881 .OO6,579.00 20,487.0024,159.00' 5,881.00 6,579.00 1,469.72 639.19 572.00 7,989.91 7,151.00 1.1635 1 .t635 Tetal Unappropriated/Ending Fund Balance14,112.00 Total Requirements 53,854.00 Total Resources Except Property Taxes 46,966.00 PropertyTaxes ~t0Ba/ance 6,888.00 Total Resources 53,854.00 Property Taxes Required to Balance Estimated Property Taxes Not To Be Received A. Loss Due to Constitutional Limit B. Discounts, Other Uncollected Amounts Total Tax Levy Permanent Rate Limit Levy (rate limit 1.1635)